Being able to make desserts fit to be shared on Instagram may be the secret ingredient to success for your restaurant, ice cream parlour or cake shop. Social media influences everyone some way or another, including consumers and potential clients. Having that sit on the mobile phones of many people without being considered to be publicity because the image reached them via a friend or acquaintance means that they consider your dessert a verified recommendation.
Instagrammable desserts that triumph

Do you know how to master the art of instagrammable desserts?

  • Fill your desserts with colour. Having bright colours in your dessert is very important, especially as they provide a distraction from the uniform colour of the product. Mixing colours is also a hit, with the trend for “unicorn food” a current success on Instagram. This trend sees a mix of light blues, pinks, yellows, lilacs, greens and oranges on your plate.
  • Add a traditional or natural touch. The aim here is to mix startling ingredients with those that are more commonly found in desserts, creating an interface between cutting edge and tradition. It is important to show that there are natural elements or traditional ingredients in the dessert.
  • Play at mixing tastes and textures. Such ideas include serving a hot dessert with a touch of ice cream, adding mint leaves to the presentation, adding a spoonful of serving with fresh fruit or adding preserved fruits.
  • Add unusual toppings to your ice creams, straying away from syrups to new ideas such as adding whole dried fruits, raisins, breakfast cereal flakes, biscuits, gum or candied fruit. That way there is a wide range of colours of flavours in one combination, creating an ice cream worthy of a snap and share.
  • Use a plate or display base that is in tune with your instragrammable dessert. The composition of the image is vital and the elements that surround the product are often just as important. Therefore you must not neglect the presentation of the dessert, paying attention to the plate or base where you are serving the dessert. This factor could be decisive in gaining shares of your creation via this platform on social media.

Familiar desserts with twist

With these Instagrammable desserts on your menuAnother way of ensuring your desserts meet with resounding success on social media is to combine tradition with modernity. In baking, as is often the case, most of the best cakes and confectionary have already been invented, meaning it is often better to concentrate on creating your own version of a traditional dessert rather than creating a new one from zero. By taking inspiration from traditional dessert recipes you can re-create them and present them in a new way.  

Some examples of reinvented traditional desserts that have turned into Instagram success in Spain include: triple layer cheesecakes, cheesecakes with salted caramel, melted tiramisu, churros with chocolate ice cream, donuts decorated with blueberries, goats cheese and almond cakes, or St. Honoré cake in a flute. There are endless ways to mix flavours and transform classic desserts which will bring the public to your door hoping to take a photo on the spot and share it with their followers.

Instagram, the new gastronomy guide

Millions of photos of food are shared on Instagram every year, it is by far the social media platform with the most instant shares of drinks, dishes, desserts or snacks and in Spain this platform is growing with more new followers daily. This means that many people use Instagram as a gastronomical reference, often following a recommendation from a photo, video or story that someone they know has shared on the platform, thus deciding to try a certain dish or a particular restaurant  from having viewed it on Instagram. Bearing in mind that this social media platform is based on images, often without any text or with words that are barely read in comparison with the views of the photo itself, the most important factor to triumph on Instagram is to create dishes, desserts or shakes that are “pretty”, so that simply by looking at them, the visitor wants to try them.

A soup may taste delicious and a cake may be exquisite but if not carefully presented with attention to detail, the added visual bonus is lost, and it will probably never make its way to Instagram. It is important to make the most of this social network and its importance among the millennials who form a considerable consumer base among those who seek #indulgentfood. These Instagrammers turn into ambassadors for your brand. There is no better success than gaining followers for your products!

How Lazaya can help you make instagrammable desserts

We believe Lazaya can help you add that something special which your desserts need. Our variety of candied fruits and preserved fruit in syrup make perfect decorations for your creations, filling your menu with instagrammable desserts. By using fruit jelly candy cubes, slices or whole servings of preserved fruit to decorate cakes, tarts or ice creams brings plenty of bonuses:

  • It won’t matter what time of the year you are making the dessert because you will always have seasonal fruit available. Colourful strawberries, blackberries or kiwis can form part of your desserts all year around.
  • Fruit can be preserved perfectly and can be added to cold desserts or hot puddings. Using our fruit helps avoid you having to deal with fruit that is bruised or has lost its colour when mixed with another ingredient.
  • Your dessert will have the healthy and natural touch that comes hand in hand with adding fruit to a dish.
  • You will make your desserts irresistible to social media fans who follow the latest trends and will want to taste and take photographs of your colourful desserts.

We hope this post has inspired you and given you ideas to make instagrammable desserts which will delight your clients and please even those most discerning of palates.