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What are fruits in syrup and what are they used for?

Apple in syrup for dessertsFruits in syrup are the best way to enjoy seasonal fruit throughout the year. It is an ancient technique that has survived to this day and that chefs and pastry chefs continue to use in order to have fruits in perfect condition for their creations. In this post we will see how to prepare the syrup mixture and we will go through some examples of fruits in syrup so we can use them in multiple ways.
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What are cherries in syrup with stems used for?

cherries in syrup with stemsAs we know, cherries always have stems and, if they didn’t, they simply wouldn’t be cherries, they would be picotas. Another thing is that the professional who uses cherries as an ingredient decides to remove them or leave them for their creations.
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The best desserts with candied fruit

Candied fruit with chocolateCandied fruit is one of the most used ingredients in desserts, both traditional and of new creation. Its unmistakable texture, intense color and sweet flavor give the final product a perfect touch, either as a mere decoration or as the main ingredient.
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