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The best fruit jams for the hospitality sector

fruit jam and preserved fruitFruit jam is one of the most popular ingredients used in baking, not only as an ingredient for all sorts of goods, but also as an added element to other desserts and sweets. There are many varieties of jams and jelly available to buy, with different flavours and textures to make your baking creation attractive and juicy.
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Tradition and creation of Frutas de Aragón

Preserved fruit used to make Frutas de AragónTraditional Frutas de Aragón are a very popular type of confectionary from the northern Spanish region of Aragon. Made from candied or sugar-coated fruit and chocolate they are a type of fruit-filled bonbon with a unique flavour and a pleasing appearance. Over time this confectionary has become a singular gastronomical statement for the area due to these bonbons’ quality and uniqueness.
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Perfecting cocktails by decorating them with fruit

Candied fruit adds value to cocktailsCocktails are truly five-star drinks, mixing exquisite flavours to provide a unique taste to each blend. However, just as important as the taste sensation is the presentation of each cocktail, bearing in mind that the end result is a precise union of different beverages with specific decoration. But do you really know how to maximise your cocktail menu with attractive presentation? Read on to discover some tricks and glean some advice on this key point.
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