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Bread making and cake baking trends

Candied fruit in baked goods and cakesThe outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020 has affected many consumer trends, especially those in the food and drinks sector. This post looks at two studies which have been carried out recently that focus on commercial bakeries, in order to find out how the health crisis has impacted upon producers in this sector and how they have adapted to new trends set by consumers.
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How should your desserts look in order to attract more clients?

Ideas para mejorar la imagen de los postresToday’s consumers are ever more demanding when making purchases, and this includes seeking more attractive and tasty desserts from master chef and commercial bakeries. Therefore, it is vital that homemade and factory-baked goods pay attention to presentation in order to satisfy this public demand. The way a dessert looks – its image – is one of its most important tools for reaching this objective and setting new trends.
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Discover the qualities and benefits of candied fruit

Chefs opt for candied fruitBoth fresh and candied fruit are popular ingredients used regularly by master bakers when creating their desserts. The difference between these ingredients stems from the fact that candied fruit is preserved in syrup and therefore has a longer life. Candied fruit also offers different and innovative flavours from the original fresh fruit it derives.
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