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Candied fruit cubes and their use in an industrial bakery to prepare plum-cake

Lazaya’s candied fruit cubes can help you to enhance the outstanding taste of some of the delicious creations of your bakery, and that is what we want to show you here: the easy application of this product in the preparation of plum-cakes and other kinds of sponged cakes, as many of our customers already do.
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The film star is a glace cherry! 7 times you saw it in series or movies

Leonardo di Caprio and Tobey Maguire have a cocktail with a glace cherry in The Great Gatsby. The use of glace cherries and candied fruits for cocktails and confectionery is a classic. Glace cherries are a timeles ingredient in pastries and cocktails, suggesting a mix of tradition and modernity pleasent for the eye and the palate.

In this article, we are going to make a review to all those times we have seen candied fruits on a screen, whether films or series, and you will be amazed by the great deal of recipes including glace cherries and Maraschino cherries that plays a star role.
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Jelly fruits for pastries: a sample of application in your pastry business

Have you already found the power of jelly fruits for cake coatings or fruit filling in your pastry business, restaurant or ice-cream shop? There are many applications of jelly fruits to elaborate cakes, and results are really good. We show you how to elaborate delicious sheet cakes with puff pastry, cream and vanilla. An irresistible presentation that will sparkle in the showcase of your bakery or in the catalogue you show your customers
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How to improve your sales with Maraschino cherry

Maraschino cherry enhances the appeal of industrial or bakery cakes.Maraschino cherry is an timeless ingredient that can help you generate more turnover: the appeal and colourfulness or Maraschino cherry enhance the attractiveness of your cocktails or sweet preparations, make instantly instagramable your products (you know it is a high added value for new Millennial generation) and improve the customers perception of your products as more valuable than those of your competitors.
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How to use Lazaya’s apples in syrup to make delicious preparations in pastries or restaurants

Using apples in syrup in the preparation of cakes is a guarantee of success for pastries or restaurants. Our apple in syrup, a fruit of the best quality harvested in the Spanish region of Calatayud (where Lazaya has its factory and plantations of fruit trees), allows many possibilities for patisseries. But today we are going to focus on just one of its applications, perhaps the best known: the making of puff pastries and apple pies.
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