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Our preserved fruit company is pioneer in saving irrigation water

A couple of cherries dripping water

Our preserved fruit company has become pioneer in saving irrigation water in our region of Aragón (northeastern Spain), due to an investment program set up some years ago in our plantations of fruit trees. Lazaya firmly believes in sustainable agriculture and responsible water use. We are going to make every effort to mantain this strong commitment in Calatayud and its surrounding lands which we feel so attacched to. Besides being fruit preserves manufacturers, we are also fruit growers.

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Candied fruits in Christmas desserts: a worldwide tradition

Roscon de Reyes is a typical Christmas dessert of Spain
The presence of candied fruits in Christmas¬†cakes and desserts is¬†common to¬†the traditional gastronomy¬†of many countries.¬†Spanish “Rosc√≥n de Reyes”, Portuguese “Bolo Rei”, Italian “Panettone”, British Christmas Cake¬†and¬†German “Stollen”¬†are all delicious Christmas sweets that incorporate candied fruits. They are¬†irreplaceable in¬†Christmas¬†and¬†each country of Christian tradition has its won one…!

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Natural colour glace cherries: pros and cons

Natural colour glace cherries are perfect for those who love sweets but no additives.

Natural colour glace cherries are triggering a growing demand, due to the increasing concern on healthy nutrition in many countries.
Colour dye is a key feature of food that may enhance its attractiveness and thus, achieve a huge impact in purchasing decisions. But more and more sectors of society demand natural and healthy food, with less artificial colours and, broadly speaking, an additives free label.

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Our family business of quality candied fruits: a trip to the past

Conservas Lazaya's old factory in Calatayud, Spain. Fruit in SO2 and quality candied fruits were processed here in the past.

Quality candied fruits are a reference in the gastronomy of Aragon, and one of the hallmarks of Lazaya, our family business. The growing of fruit trees¬†is deeply rooted in these lands, and several generations of our family made a living¬†from¬†it. Exceptional weather conditions have contributed to make this region’s fruit¬†a referent all over the world. Continue reading…

Sugar free products

Sugar free preserved fruit: same taste, less calories…

Pastries with sugar free preserved fruit and candied fruits are a sweet pleasure available for all.Sugar free preserved fruit is a growing trend that allows to combine a healthy nutrition and the intake of sweet. Achieving the same taste with less calories in candied fruits, fruit jam and fruits in syrup has been a real challenge, as they are high sugar products, e.g. 65% content in candied fruits.

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