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Adding candied fruit to summer sundaes and desserts

Joy and flavour to your desserts this summer with candied fruitSummertime is the perfect moment to enjoy a delicious and refreshing dessert. The summer is synonymous with treats, where we allow ourselves to enjoy delicious sweet delights without feeling guilty! Thus it is important to reflect this tendency in your menu by offering clients fresh and appealing desserts that match the season.
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Instagrammable desserts are easy with preserved fruits. Find out more here.

Being able to make desserts fit to be shared on Instagram may be the secret ingredient to success for your restaurant, ice cream parlour or cake shop. Social media influences everyone some way or another, including consumers and potential clients. Having that sit on the mobile phones of many people without being considered to be publicity because the image reached them via a friend or acquaintance means that they consider your dessert a verified recommendation.
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Aromas and natural extracts – these are the new trends in the food industry

These are our preserved fruits that are free from artificial colours and preservativesBeing careful about what we eat is the first step towards looking after our health, and everyone wants to eat healthily. Over the past few years, new eating trends have developed such as eating sugar free, following a gluten free diet, consuming nutritious food and preserved fruit that is free from artificial colours and preservatives. Are you ready for this new trend? Find out more here!
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