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Creative baking with glacé cherries

Recipes using glacé cherriesCherries are a delicious seasonal fruit with a special flavour that has become synonymous with many types of baked goods. They are used as ingredients or as extras in several desserts. One of the many qualities cherries has is their ability to be used in combination with multiple types of textures, served either hot or cold, so that they appear in a number of different sponge cakes, pies, tarts, cream desserts, jams, confectionary, mousse … the list goes on.
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Recipes using quality candied vegetables

dishes that use high quality candied vegetablesCandied vegetables are a new raw material used by chefs and pastry bakers when making their creations. Lazaya recently launched a line of candied vegetables in a bold step towards innovation without losing sight of their main distinctions: quality and versatility. The main aim is to ease the workload of professionals and at the same time surprise clients with new recipes that include candied vegetables and are full of different textures and flavours.
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Lazaya jams at use in sachertorte

Using jam in cakes: sachertorte

If you have not yet discovered the delight of Lazaya jam in baked goods, now is the time to do so, because these jams are a helpful ingredient for many desserts, some of which can be quite surprising. In this post we will explain the steps to make a sachertorte using some of the variety of fruit fillings from Lazaya. We promise you will make cakes that are spongier and more delicious.

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6 irresistible desserts with tinned fruit to add to your menu

high quality tinned fruit for delicious dessertsFruits in syrup are consistently used in desserts and they are appreciated by many master bakers who add them as a basic ingredient. Professionals opt for the highest quality tinned fruit when making their desserts and many HORECA establishments include these types of sweets in their menus because of their distinct colour and taste.
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