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Do you know the difference between Morello and sweet cherries

Candied cherries and candied Morello cherriesProfessional chefs and bakers are swift to tell you that, when it comes to cherries, there are two types of cherries to turn to: Morello cherries and sweet cherries. Not everyone knows the differences between these species, both of which have a distinct genetic makeup, cultivation method and culinary use. Find out the differences and learn how to make the most of these fruits in this post.
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Can you name all the types of cherries used in baking?

Candied cherries for baking

Cherries are a very healthy seasonal fruit that, as well as being low in calories, are full of nutrients such as vitamins A and C, antioxidants, fibre and essential trace elements. The wide variety of cherries come from differences in taste (sweet or sour), colour (different tones of red) or whether they have a stem or not (picota cherries are stemless).
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What are the newest bakery products trends?

New baked goods2020 is becoming quite an atypical year due to Covid-19, with all sectors making sweeping changes to adapt to new circumstances, including bakeries. First there was a complete lockdown across the whole of the population and then there was a call to embrace a “new normal”.
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What type of fruit is most requested by bakeries and hospitality premises?

Most popular fruits consumed at HORECA establishmentsProfessionals working within the HORECA sector, as well as bakeries, ice cream parlours and chocolatiers, all select fully guaranteed, top quality products to work with, among which, one of the most popular ingredient for their creations is candied fruit. Although most closely associated with baked goods, they can also be used as an ingredient in a wide range of dishes, sauces as well as in new products.
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