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Easy to follow decorating tips using fruit spreads to make, fill and cover cakes

Cake decorations and fillings require high quality products that are constantly being innovated in order to draw attention and create new and original sweets. In this post we are going to talk about fruit spreads to decorate cakes with and the ingredients you can use for easy-to-apply cake decoration and filling.
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Desserts with preserved fruit: how they can increase your restaurant’s turnover

Combining a good sales strategy and an attractive menu of desserts with preserved fruit can really make a big difference if you plan well how to do it and instruct the staff to go all in one. You can increase the billing or the average ticket of your restaurant through different marketing techniques, and also do it through suggestions and a stunning dessert menu.

Let’s start by something basic… The average ticket is calculated very simply, dividing the income by the number of customers. Many customer management systems associated with the cash register already offer this calculation. With these types of applications, you can also know which waiter gets a higher average ticket, which is probably because he uses cross selling more effectively.
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