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Add value to your products with preserved fruit for industrial bakery

Preserved fruit for industrial bakeries allows you to create added value products.Do you need innovation? Preserved fruit for industrial bakery, custom-made for your needs and your clients’, can be one of the formulas that help you raise your sales of industrial bakery, a sector that needs to adapt to a lower increase of the populations and to a tendency of the consumer choosing healthier snacks.
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The best cakes with candied fruits: past and present of French Gâteaux de Voyage

Sponge cakes with candied fruits are a traditional specialty in several countries. Many of them keep old recipes, while others have been reinterpreted by new chefs and master bakers. We want to honour the variety of desserts with candied fruits in different posts (in here you can read about candied fruits in Christmas desserts), and today we will talk about Gâteaux de Voyage cakes.
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How to distinguish quality candied fruits

The transparence, shine and uniform tone characterize quality candied fruitsQuality candied fruits allows you to gain advantage over the market, being a product that achieves the most demanding technical requirements of control and has the preference of the customers. It’s in your best interest that you should know about the difference between quality and non-quality candied fruit.
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