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6 irresistible desserts with tinned fruit to add to your menu

high quality tinned fruit for delicious dessertsFruits in syrup are consistently used in desserts and they are appreciated by many master bakers who add them as a basic ingredient. Professionals opt for the highest quality tinned fruit when making their desserts and many HORECA establishments include these types of sweets in their menus because of their distinct colour and taste.
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How to boost your dessert with fruits in syrup

Cherries in syrup and oranges in syrup for pastry products and baked goodsCanned fruits are used in the making of many baked goods because they add a touch of flavour that is distinct from other types of fruit. Syrup is made by dissolving sugar in water and letting it boil until it reduces to reach the right consistency.

In order to make fruits in syrup, the most common proportion is double the amount of water to sugar, but each baker uses his or her own measurements. A higher proportion of sugar leads to a denser syrup, therefore, the professional chef will make syrup which is sweeter or less so depending on the dessert which will carry the fruit in syrup.
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The best fruit jams for the hospitality sector

fruit jam and preserved fruitFruit jam is one of the most popular ingredients used in baking, not only as an ingredient for all sorts of goods, but also as an added element to other desserts and sweets. There are many varieties of jams and jelly available to buy, with different flavours and textures to make your baking creation attractive and juicy.
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