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Candied orange with dark chocolate: the best confectionery pairing continues making excitement

Candied orange with dark chocolate is one of the most delicious combinations of traditional confectionery. The pairing that the orange acidity makes with the dark chocolate bitterness (over 35% of cocoa pastry in the European Union, but it can reach an 80%) will delight lots of people all over the world.
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Quality apple in syrup for the finest dishes

Quality apple in syrup is perfect for different elaborations in your business if you want to offer quality worthwhile products. The reason is because they are very simple to use and they offer a delicious texture and flavour. That’s why today we want to tell you everything about Lazaya’s apple in syrup to keep you informed that when using them, you are using a high quality ingredient in your elaborations.
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6 traditional cakes with candied fruits than can suit your business if you are a baker or a chef

Cheesecake, one of the benchmarks of everywhere cakes with candied fruits all over the world.Cakes with candied fruits are a classic on the confectionery business. Do you think your clients would welcome the best-known traditional cakes with candied fruits from all over the world? We have made a selection of the most renowned ones on the basis of the gastronomic creations of our clients in the 5 continents. We hope it may also inspire your new creations.
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Candied fruit cubes and their use in an industrial bakery to prepare plum-cake

Lazaya’s candied fruit cubes can help you to enhance the outstanding taste of some of the delicious creations of your bakery, and that is what we want to show you here: the easy application of this product in the preparation of plum-cakes and other kinds of sponged cakes, as many of our customers already do.
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The film star is a glace cherry! 7 times you saw it in series or movies

Leonardo di Caprio and Tobey Maguire have a cocktail with a glace cherry in The Great Gatsby. The use of glace cherries and candied fruits for cocktails and confectionery is a classic. Glace cherries are a timeles ingredient in pastries and cocktails, suggesting a mix of tradition and modernity pleasent for the eye and the palate.

In this article, we are going to make a review to all those times we have seen candied fruits on a screen, whether films or series, and you will be amazed by the great deal of recipes including glace cherries and Maraschino cherries that plays a star role.
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